About Us

ADAMORE NIGERIA LIMITED is a private limited liability company. It was incorporated in Nigeria in 1990 with RC. 160280 The company is primarily engaged in the business of wholesale distribution of Veterinary Pharmaceutical and Animal Health products.

Presently, Adamore Nigeria Limited is the Sole (Accredited representative) of CEVA Sante Animale of France in Nigeria and KEPRO BV, HOLLAND in Nigeria and neighbouring West African countries. KEPRO is a major and renowned world manufacturer of Veterinary Pharmaceutical products. We handle the wholesale distribution of KEPRO products across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Adamore Nigeria Limited is a major player in the Animal Health Care business in Nigeria. Not only do we feature prominently in all Animal Health Care fora, including products exhibition, but we have co-sponsored some of such programmes as a way of making our modest contribution to meeting the Animal Health Care needs of our great country Nigeria and Africa.



Our business approach is focused on drinking water hygiene to support animal health and reduce the use of

antibiotics, we improve your business profit. We develop, manufacture and supply nutritional supplements, detergents and disinfectants, chickpaper, feed overheating inhibitors, and hoofcare products.

Our business approach is focused on drinking water hygiene and liquid nutritional supplements that are mainly administered via drinking water or liquid feed. Animals drink at least twice as much as they eat. If an animal is sick or stressed, it will take less food, but keep drinking. This makes water the perfect medium for supporting animal health with nutritional supplements.